Angela Walter & Karen Walter

best friends and now sisters.

Riverwick Candle, LLC was born from a desire to achieve our own success, spend precious time with our family, and  create something pretty. 

Angela Walter and Karen Walter grew up as neighbors in the beautiful town of Wellsboro, located in North Central Pennsylvania. We were friends from the beginning. Once we graduated high school, our paths went in different directions, but we never lost touch. After a few years of separation, we were looking for a new adventure. It led us to moving to Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania. In the last 12 years, we married brothers, have 5 little boys between the two of us, and live as neighbors, once again, in another beautiful small Pennsylvania town.

 In 2010, we decided to start a hand poured candle business together. When designing the candles, we wanted to ensure that they had a unique look and high quality ingredients. We have chosen all of our materials with that in mind. 

We are very proud of these candles and the business that we have created together. We hope you love them as much as we do.



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